Thursday, September 8, 2011

Summers End

I have been trying to get a post together for a week and I am struggling to find my niche in the day to do it. School has started back up and I am Oh so thankful. I have however had a hard time adjusting to a "New Schedule." We have changed just a couple of things this school year and it has kinda kinked my easy flowing vibe. It's a good kink though, it will just take me time to adapt to it.

The main kink has been school has started....cue the *YEAH* from this Mama.

Now before I get any hate mail I want to clarify that I *love* having my kids home. I enjoy them, I enjoy summer break, but things were starting to head south about the first of august when it was hot and the city pool closed (weird) and we were a little stir crazy.  My kids were becoming board and catty with each other and I was running out of ideas to entertain them. Although, the hose and a bunch of plastic bowls came in very handy last weekend and they played outside for about 5 hours straight. Hmmmm new record, and why didn't I think about that sooner? 

 I found a recipe online for sidewalk chalk paint and the idea was born. Lets make a mess, that never fails to entertain.

It is so easy, not to mention safe, you can eat it. Not that I tried but you could.

 So here is the recipe:

1 Part Corn Starch
1 Part Water
Food Coloring of choice

I did 2 cups of corn starch mixed with 2 cups of water and divided that between 5 cups and added food coloring until I got a desired color.

Now, when you paint with this at first it is really watery and almost transparent but let it dry and it is BRIGHT!

See what I mean.

 It stayed for days than it finally rained and washed away, all that work. But it was fun to come home and see a reminder of Who loves us everyday.
Note: The extra blue "I" on the top was created by Hallie. If you know her at all, blue is her favorite color and well, I didn't use the blue first so she improvised.


We ended our last day of summer with a morning swing and a front yard picnic.

Our picnic happen to take place amidst stray chickens and thistle that has over taken my yard

It was a good end to the summer.

Hopefully I can adjust to our new schedule and carve out more time for blogging. Here's to dreaming and wishing.....



The Mac's House said...

It is kinda fun to watch them spread their wings just a tad towards their own little independence and achieving goals isn't it.... I use to dread and love the beginning of school all at the same time. It was fun watching my daughter over the years learning and achieving while I missed her horribly while she was gone.

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