Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dresser Re-Vamp

 I have been meaning to get this dresser done for over a year now and Ta-Da....

I finished it, in only 4 days might I add. By far a personal record.

This is what happens when your husband is out of town for work. You stay up late eating chocolate and painting furniture....bonus both ways wouldn't you agree? (: 

This one is painted in the same Swiss Coffee by Behr as this and this, for a few different reasons.  First of all, I'm trying to take a bunch of hand-me-down furniture and make it look coheasive.  Second, I'm scared to paint it any other color, and lastly, I'm cheap, very cheap.  I still have a whole gallon of this paint left and I'm going to get my moolah's worth out of it. Someday I might try a nice gray or soft blue on a piece of furniture but for now safety is my driving force and white is safe! I sealed it with a coat of Minwax Natural Paste Finishing Wax which adds such a nice sheen to the finish.

This is a solid 1980's dresser that had one of the hutches on top, you know with the mirror and brass accents and little cubbies to put only heaven knows what in. Anyways, this piece has always drawn my attention with great lines and details that needed to be accented.

 Distressing is not for everyone but this piece was made for it.

It really needed that pop of wood underneath to bring out all of the details.

Here is the's not a close up but you get the idea.

 Look at these sweet curves on the bottom.  

A very "Cottage Style" dresser for sure.....

The hardware was a mix of old and new. The little knobs were the original brass ones that received a coat of rubbed oil bronze spray paint and the drawer pulls were from Home Depot.

Now that mirror....

I *heart* that mirror.

Maybe not "Cottage Style" but definitely a "Drama Glamor Style" statement. *sigh* My favorite garage sale find from this summer. I'm toying with the idea of painting it a bold color, like fuchsia or turquoise.
What do you think?
 Leave it gold or paint it.....????
Safety might win this one out too.....Any suggestions?

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refresh restyle said...

I love the dresser and that mirror is perfect. I love the gold, so I'll check back to see if you paint it...which will be great too!

erinsolomon said...

I'll have to keep Kerstin away from your blog for a while... she just 'had' to have her dresser with a fold-out mirror on top in her apartment. I mean, who can really go study without such a piece? If she sees your dresser and mirror, she might want an upgrade!!!

Sandy said...

I say leave the mirror gold. It's really pretty and adds a warmth to the space. I love gold it really does a lot more for a space than other metal colors. :)

The dresser looks AWESOME now! I love that you changed the pulls too without them being changed it would just not have been that big of a difference and make such a statement. It just be like hey it's me same dresser different color.

Melissa said...

Girl, you rocked this re-vamp! I love it!!!
and I say go for the for the mirror too! Paint it!! Turquoise Uh-huh!!!
Then when your done, come on over and help me out with some re-vamping m'kay!

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Her makeover looks outstanding...great color!


The Mac's House said...

Gosh I just love this dresser, great job!

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