Wednesday, August 17, 2011

1st Blog.o.versary

Today is my 1st anniversary in the blog world.

I've been thinking about this as my own personal milestone over the last week and I just don't know what you do to celebrate something like this. I mean, ten years ago most of us didn't now what a blog was, right?

Insanity isn't it.

I am actually surprised I made it a full year. I mean It is just not something that I thought I would enjoy so much. Oh..... there have been times of inconsistency and times of silence on my end, however Little Mama On The Prairie readers have always been here waiting.

I have to scream it, I truly enjoyed blogging!
I enjoy pushing myself to compose a better photo, to write a better story, and share my life as a mother. I do this for my girls, and for myself.
I know that I serve The Creator who designed me to create. He put a passion in me to string words and pictures together that show our life weaved like a colorful piece of cloth.
Every day is marked by a different story, a different angle but when they are weaved together it is the story of our life.

My intentions for this blog were to write down the moments that I thought I might forget. Moments that my girls might ask me about when their grown and my mind is clouded with a life fully lived. I dread the thought of not remembering when she lost her first tooth. Or why she wore those Rubber boots . Or when she started sitting up. I want them to look back and see how I looked at them, loved them, dressed them. I want them to see how we lived daily life. I want them to view the progress of my decorating, and what their childhood home has evolved into over time. I desire for them to feel as if they were apart of this life that their Creator has intended for them to live.

 I was listening to a recent podcast about raising children and the man speaking mentioned that traditions are so important to children. Traditions and memories help ground a child and give them security. It is so true, especially for little girls. The memory of traditions is so strong in my own childhood memories. I have such a passion to document my girls memories and traditions, this blog has been my avenue to do just that.

So how do you celebrate a blog.o.versary? 

You state the facts of why you started, rehash great memories and share your feelings with your readers.
This is how I celebrate!

  Thank you for sticking with me over the last year, for your sweet comments and encouragement. I am in awe that you find my life worth reading about, my photos worth looking at and I hope to inspire you to document your own life. 
Document it, no matter how mundane you think it is, for the "mundane" is where a life is fully lived.

Blessings to you today!


heartland farmhouse said...

Happy Anniversary!
I've only been blogging for 2 short months, but oh so enjoy it! :)
I saw you in a comment box & was drawn in by the name...just had to come see! Glad I did!


Kimberly said...

Well, happy anniversary!
I haven't been quite a year with my current blog... with my old family blog (which I still have and is mostly for family), I never celebrated! But, it is a good idea!

Anonymous said...


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