Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Catch Up

Catch Up is the "feeling" I'm living in right now......Do you know the feelings of the "Catch up game:"

Trying to catch up
Working on catch up
Almost Caught up
Something else came up
Behind on everything....Laundry, dishes, dinner, cleaning....
Catch up again....

Oh the game goes on and on. The blog world has had to take a back seat to the game of life and catch up. I have had a hard time adjusting to driving back and forth 15 miles one way to the girls school. Not just twice a day but 3 times a has not left a lot of blog time. I can't say there is not any time, but when 8pm rolls around and the girls are finally all tucked in for the night, I'm so tired I can't think strait enough to blog.....So Little Mama has had to wait it's turn for catch up....I promise I will try to be better.....

So a little catch up for you all...
This little girl started preschool last month. Where did the time go? She loves it and the drama it has brought into her life.....This mama could do without the drama, but that is Sophie and I love her. (:

She also has learned how to ride a bike without training wheels, and she is only 4. That still amazes me, I couldn't ride a bike until I was well over 5.

I love that Hallie is in the background waiting on her sister. *Loves*

This was one of the last days of summer for us, and the light was glorious!

Notice the burn mark on her chin? That is one of those invaluable life lessons you learn after you lick a marshmallow roasting stick that just came out of the fire. Poor girl! Painful lesson to learn.

Hallie is doing well in First grade and has had an adjustment period after coming out of easy non challenging kindergarten. She does however, have an excellent teacher who has challenged this little girls intellect in ways I cannot even explain and she is doing so well. We are blessed to have such a wonderfully talented teacher that loves and prays for her students like "Mrs. L."

On another note, we had our niece, Ava, come stay with us for a weekend and we decided to shuck some corn from my parents garden........These photos are just too sweet!

Here they are all very intently trying to shuck the corn............and at last Hallie did it!

I don't know what it was about that corn but both the babies had to have a bite.

Mmmmm good!

This little girl has turned from our little baby into a little girl. It's kinda sad when they decide they are a decisive opinionated little girl, instead of a baby.

 Oh where did my baby girl go? 

She is talking more and more and loves to repeat words that the older girls ask her to say. It is funny to hear them converse with her. She adores her big sisters, but oh does she know how to put up a fight with them. Lillie fights usually involve teeth and tears, it can get nasty pretty quick. We are avoiding  Walmart and grocery stores if at all possible right now.....Oh, I could lose my mind in a store with a screaming toddler. Did your kids ever go thru that? It seams like 15 months until 24 months is the worst time to take them to stores and restaurants. I avoid taking her at all cost. (:

So just a quick catch-up for you on what I'm doing and not doing. I will work on blogging more, I miss it and you!

Blessings to you this week!


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